XP roadmap issue

I think the XP roadmap is bugged… it is only giving out 1,408 XP on each stage in the 3rd area. I’m getting more XP on the stages in the 2nd area?!

That’s the last stage of the last area

And that’s stage 4 of the 2nd area.

If that’s normal then I’ve never realised that before but surely it can’t be right?

This is the way it works, strange yes but just farm the 2nd act last stage

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Ah fair enough. I thought it was weird and as it didn’t make sense I thought it may be a bug. We tend to have them from time to time in this game lol! Cheers for clearing that up. At least I now know it’s strange but ‘normal strange’ ha ha :+1:t3:

There are 3 stages.


The Hard stage gives the most XP when you are farming it because in reality, there are only 2 stages (Easy and Hard) The 3rd stage is merely a bonus stage, netting you a larger, one time XP bonus the first run through. It is always better to farm the last section of the Hard Roadmap for the biggest return.


Only do the Bonus map with both territories for the one time bonus. Otherwise do the last level of the Hard map.

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