Xp from world map

When did they screw with xp from world maps…used to get almost 11k from 25- 8 now u get just over 8k???

Nothing to see here please close

I think 17-1 gives you the most XP per E used to do the map, so that would be the best place to farm to level up.

Why would it be 17-1?

17-3 surely, not that I’m sure it’s stage 17 at all

I moved to 21.7 since 21 is where weapon parts start appear and this stage has the highest xp/energy ratio from all the stages 21-25 if i’m not mistaken.

Me doth thinketh you losteth a few allies in the process

Yes. It’s 17.3 for most xp, and 21.7 most xp with all 5star weapon drops

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Thanks. I tend to run 25-8 because it’s all about salvage tokens and you get most bang for least number of tokens. Useful to know though


For survivors there’s a better way :shushing_face:

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:thinking: ???

:grin: will pm u. Don’t want them to modify anything

I need survivor farming tips. Pm me too. Lol

Would you PM me too?

I doubt they would change anything though, stages almost never get modified.

Almost unless it is a benefit to the players. Then it’s fixed at lightning speed. Cause they care so much about our gaming experience lol

Some stages have always been better for particular things/drops; back when the devs were still talking to the players they even gave recommendations for particular things. Unless it’s a huge exploit, they tend to not do things, especially if it requires work.

Oh I remember those days. The lack of actual work ethic where this game is considered is show with every event that runs.

Can you pm too please?

Can you PM me too please

People, you do know that the forum is property of Scopely, right? They can see you PM’s if they feel like they want to… Nothing is safe with this company, nothing that benefits the players I mean.

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