Xmas Event Leaks


Im happy only about new A list now…xd
(maggie is only character i like(not trash character) here)


I mean yeah, they’re pretty mediocre, but it’s still free.


Worthless without gear


Yeah but compare their level of quality with the event that has just (about) ended. Even more so the amount of effort required. It’s almost backwards. Some fairly decent picks for what was basically a log in event versus some mediocre options for several high milestones worth of tournaments.

I don’t expect much and take what I get from free events, so I’m not going to be asking for buffs or different options, my real complaint is maybe all except Knox aren’t worth 10k of those items. Maggie is not worth 1.26mil x 6. She’s worth like 2mil at most.


Free. But those milestones got me fucked up. I rather have a gear collection event than a legacy one.


Harlan is in the wheel, lovely


Then don’t go for any of them.
Don’t know what else to say, bub.


Maybe, maybe, the cost gets jacked up because the tokens are bundled with them, but you’re still looking at some work for a depot character.


You don’t have to say anything.




The supply depo beach is lovely this time of year.


Event!.. Not offers


Question is, will we get enough for a pull on the wheel without paying?


For the answer ask yourself the following question. Are you in a number one faction? If so then yes if not then get to the shop.


I’m in a number 2 faction (in my region)


:joy::joy::joy::joy: You sir are correct.


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