Xmas Event Leaks


And I guess there will be a wheel


This is shaping up to be a great event. Let’s home those mittens are freemium and there are ample opportunities to get one of each character


You’d have to suspect, given the options are all legacy ascendables, getting enough for one of the three should be obtainable for free


Hum you can get them in lvl up ms and in raid ms


It’s about time I’ll get to ascend these guys overall looks like a good event


Just noticed that it’s three different mittens. Looks like Maggie for level up, Dwight for raid (red mittens in upcoming faction raid milestones) and Knox for SR (total guess)

Edit: Got my mittens mixed up. Corrected


Yup. It’s possible to obtain all 3 toons.


I am excite


More acendables but no gear, so they’ll be stuck at T2 .

Come on Scople throw us a bone.


I guess the Event starts when Lvl up starts


Not Bad. But I got more diversity :wink:


Thanks brother don’t like going to Vk




Well, another set of mediocre legacy ascendables again. I also don’t see the reason to now have three ranged characters in the game with an offensive and defensive lead skill.

Another wasted opportunity on old toons, such a shame…


Looks like I’ll be getting all three if it stays that way but no gear I’ve been stuck with the same chars for months now.


At least those league tokens will mean I can T4 Bryan & try him out.


I’m already using him and he is t3 works fine for me, he is a good dmg dealer


I don’t have Maggie so at least I’ll have something to collect from this event :wink:


Anyone have Knox in English?


I bet the xmas wheel will have good charachters. But I bet it’s gonna be full of bad ones as well making the odds 1% for a useful 6* seems to be that these days.