Xmas and New year offers. No free gift from Scopely

Like many players, I have been doing several Tapjoy offers over the past couple of weeks. Many of these included playing other games.
The generosity of these other developers is truly staggering compared to Scopely.

Other games were handing out daily gifts to all players, giving out 99p offers that were worth hundreds of pounds and putting on special events for players to get free items.
Compare that to Scopely.

Not a single gift was given out. The Xmas offer for a white shiva was laughable and totally worthless.
The New Year offer is actually decent, but why isn’t this given out for free? Gestures like this go a long way to help keep the player base happy.

The special events we got are no where near good enough. The Princess event is a massive P2P event. A free 6* Princess in a world full of S class isn’t very helpful. I think someone said the S class costs around £400 to get.

The 2020 event is even worse. A daily roadmap for a minuscule amount of S class items is a joke.
Another daily roadmap that costs hundreds of pounds to complete over the course of the event is an even bigger joke. SC members get the 2020 glasses for free but they mean nothing unless you are prepared to fork out the money to complete the roadmaps.

Rather than enjoying the festive events, players continue to be squeezed for every resource they have.
Most players are running out of, or have already run out of: Food, trainers, gear, league tokens, ascendance medals and armory tokens. Many are running out of patience as well so let’s see how that turns out.
The solution? Put your hand in your pocket and buy the most basic of items simply to continue playing this game. It seems nothing in this game is free anymore.

Surely PC or our new community manager is doing something about this?


Thinking back to last year…

December log in event where as long as you logged in, on Christmas we received Solange, who at the time was a very useful toon. There was no p2p to it…simply log in, and get something good.

I believe (if my memory serves me correctly) for New Years they put up offers, but they were bogo offers. Yes, you had to make a purchase, but you got double what you paid for, and it was all very useful items for the era of the game. Not the best, but at least there was something “free” included.

You’d think a company that is worth 1.7 billion could show a little appreciation to all those who still play the game, despite the bugs, the #gates, the events that simply don’t work properly…the p2p takeover…but no, we get more p2p everything, even at this time of year…it’s honestly sad to see that so many people that have dedicated so much time into what once was an amazing game that was fun be shown no kind of appreciation whatsoever…


Something at Scopely changed early this year. Not only were we given Solange, legacy toons were AWESOME! Then unless you were a spender, you got nothing. ALL games are out to make money. Scopely either THINKS or KNOWS they don’t need casual spenders and all decisions made after have reflected that.


They engaged the milk it dry protocol.

I’m sure there’s a meme for it, but meh


PC is a joke; nothing they suggested even mattered in a long run.


Yeah obviously making better ftp toons cut revenue and was death knell for that short live model.

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Remember how proud they were about some weak “changes” like getting camilla in league store or was it diego in sc. PC was a complete joke that scopely probably still laughs about.


Did you miss the restart loop? It was free for everyone and, as with all events, unannounced.


I don’t expect a new years gift. But I’ve received many in other games. I mean if anything I did expect something from Scopes for Xmas but that’s because they had previously done things like login . it shocked me. But they don’t care. If we didn’t get a decent event, a log in , a merry Xmas, on Xmas, we sure ain’t getting anything any other time!! Lol. Screenshot_2018-11-28-15-02-10-1

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Ahahahaha! Didn’t cost anything!!!

how does Scopely treat players of their other titles? Same or better?

I’m sure someone here plays Looney Toons or Star Trek, is the Grinchness isolated to this title or is it widespread?

If it’s branded Scopely, I don’t download it but I am curious if they treat each title with the same stingiest mindset.

I would think this player base is the most vocal in voicing displeasure

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I don’t know why I’m shocked that absolutely zero compensation was given out for what amounted to a 2+ hour outage for everyone.

Compensation was a $28 New Year offer. What’s not to like?

Good post, I’m very displeased with the game. I think they’re making it clear as day they have no appreciation or care to us as players. They don’t want to celebrate anything with us, not even their own games 4th anniversary. Many company/developers make it their mission and goal on the holidays to show how much they appreciate their players and understand that holidays are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated, even in a video game.

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People need to stop this entitlement that scopley NEEDS to give them free gifts.

There isn’t an entitlement. There is something called appreciation and celebration. as sour as this company is in people’s minds they could at least try to make things better but they don’t care. People need to STOP allowing them to get away with things. If literally the only other 4 games I have in my phone are giving away holiday gifts, celebration and deals and real events. Why can’t they too? Your right though, they don’t NEED to do anything.


The thing that changed at scopely was another round of investment.
Which means more investors that want to see a return.
Which means scopely are shitting their bricks and panicking about how to generate more money.
Which is why we are seeing every aspect of this game slowly being monetized.
And other parts of the game neglected because it costs money in time spent on it to update. E.g. gold bars, fac assault etc.
and because I’m guessing scopely used the same dirty lying cheating tactics on investors that it uses on it’s playerbase.
Hence the mess the game is in right now.


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