X3 Speed Increased Theory


When x3 speed was first implemented we all knew how fast it felt. Then after like a day or 2 some people thought it was decreased. The developers checked it out and stated that they didn’t change anything. Some people gave an explanation that made sense. Maybe we all just got used to it…

Well, I thought this to be true until an hour ago. X3 seems as fast as it came out now. Maybe x3 didn’t change but the reason it slowed down was because the speed of the game was slower. Like you wouldn’t notice the difference between a person running 3 MPH v. 5 MPH but 9 MPH and 15 MPH you probably would. Basically, the game was laggy before and now less laggy so x3 is even faster.


Nice theory but if it was lag people would not have been able to still grab the towers in war within 20 seconds.


To be honest, I think they slowed rush animations back to normal speed, the normal play still seems the same but rushes are definitely slower on x3.

Which, to be honest, considering how stupid some rush animations looked on x3, possibly can’t be blamed



A forum user named @Lockdown has a youtube channel and he posted a video from the launch of 3x to after the imaginary slowdown fiasco. It’s literally all in your head. Nothing has changed since its addition to the game.


Then the game is faster in certain areas because I’m 98% sure x3 was faster in a survival road yesterday.


My theory is this: Active skill animations are still slow as molasses so the higher the active skill, the more likely it is to be triggered by the AI and therefore the whole combat slows down. People are raising Active Skills and noticing this slowdown.


That’s weird. I don’t play on a phone or tablet but I know when devices get hot the processors will run slower in an attempt to reduce heat thus causing slowdowns. Not sure if the game is that graphically demanding to begin with but on a phone maybe the number of zombies on the screen can have a performance impact thus making some levels faster than another? We would need a dev or someone with more technical know-how to chime in here.

Have you watched lockdowns video? He runs them side by side and you can clearly see the 1st wave is identical from launch to the date he did the test.


In addition to LG’s comment, double attack seems to have a long lag, so that could be something too.


It needs to be changed so that the active skill animation is sped up 3x too (And 2x in 2x mode)

Also, you should be able to tap to speed it up just like with the AR animations. It can be frustrating having to wait for several seconds (sometimes longer) for the animation to complete - I already tap the screen by habit to try to skip it.