X2 Regina. Hacker?


Is this possible or is it a hack?


Keep on surviving.


Not a hack. It’s a Scopely goof. Problems in a region, people’s league store reset


What regions I wanna move there asap

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Lol he snitching on his teammate from the looks of it


Another advantage to others :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1:

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Ah, thanks, Sonny.

No it’s not my SS. It was sent to me and was curious how it was possible to have 2.


That’s a shit defense


Yeah I saw a guy with two season one Ezikiel’s in hordes the other week


That’s 100% normal as during first season, they reset everyone’s store for the qualifying week of season 2.

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Yeah, he was available during the season and during that next weeks qualifiers. That was the only reason I was able to get him at all


100% legit.

100% normal would have been not wasting all those tokens on Ezekiel twice…


I have three Season 1 Ezekiels. They drop from wheels. You do mean the “Shiva Force” one with collateral II?

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He means the season one league Zeke. The red one that you could only get from the store.


The read one with a rainbow leader skill and to answer you other question it isn’t the shiva force guardian 2 one


I once got two 5* ricks for being a sky bound member. So glitches do happen.


So you got mine then…


Lol…yeah, probably. You they be messing up all the time.


That’s normal actually they actually reset a week before that league ended so you could buy him again


I saw a team from WOC that had two regina. wonder if it reset with it trabsferred