X2 Premier Chances For A Month And 10 Pull For Sophia Video


Let’s talk about the x2 chances for the premier wheels for a month and take a look at a 10 pull for Sophia!

For anyone that pulls quite a bit could you tell a difference between before and now? Let us know!





And already thought I had Bad Luck with so far 7 useless Single Pulls, while a Faction mate did 2 pulls and got Legendary Madison and Samurai Jesus :woozy_face:


I pulled a second whispers jesus


On my single pull I got this


Haha not even i got him. I got this


That’s ironic haha, I did a ten pull a few days before and got him in there too! Got two of the fuckers don’t want it haha


yeah did two single pulls and my first one was this guy my second 6* that I have pulled from premiere first one being green negan.