X This is unbelievable. Scopely help!

I beat the stage with a payback similar weapon.

But why am I at 50% although it was clearly at 100%?

So you killed the last enemy with payback but your own toon died aswell? Maybe you could give some details. The only relevant thing I see is 100% turning to 50% after you lost with the 2 star toon.

I beat the last enemy with a damage reflect weapon (I didn’t find the word previously)
After that all enemies were beaten but I lost the fight

And it showed that 100 % was cleared

Im quite sure thats a bug, if you “win” by beating the last toon and your last toon dies aswell it is counted as a draw and a draw is as far as I know seen as a win for the defender. In this case it shows the faulty 100% when it should have been 50%. I believe I had that in survival road myself where some damage reflect zombie killed my last toon and I got thrown back to the beginning of last wave.

That’s the problem here

Looks like mistake during coding process.

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I’m a bit Salty about it because I had the hope to be able to buy another random chest for a slightly chance at platinum mods

Bug free game btw^^

You can address it at support but I dont think they will work on little mistakes like this when they cant manage to fix their game whatsoever.

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