X Region War Rewards


Anyone know the rewards for crw yet? If so, what are they?


no leaks yet because Scopely still didnt upload data because they are still trying to fix transfer bug


The same shit we get any other CRW.


still curious about size of milestones. if its like blitz or still like crw


The only real question is will top 25 get gps and canteen


The rewards are reopening transfers 4 hours after war starts.


What are the chances we get Blitz Milestones and full CRW rewards… twice?


More like CRW milestones and Blitz rewards.


most likely, yeah




4 hrs till war still no word… they’re cutting it close


No gps/canteen = no CRW


when Does event chat open


I’m just waiting to see how the latest Beta update will mess up war this weekend lol


You in the beta @Plagueis? So far it’s been running fine. Only one crash when purchasing a item from the new store.


3 year tokens and maybe cancelled.


Nah i’m IOS. Just going off the bad history of wars happening so close to a Beta update


You’re not wrong. It’s hard to believe but things seem to be running fine so far.

What’s more alarming is that the rewards have not been posted yet. Hope things are on track and it’s just vk dropping the ball. Guess we will find out in a few hours.

I do hope they dropped the milestones down to 50k with each war only being 18 hours. If it’s still100k I’m really not going to like this format change too much.


Some regions are now opened…


This change sucks. I work all day Sundays, so get all my milestones by Saturday night.