X-mas event is here!

Tokens, missions, wheels, roadmaps…you name it.
S class Princess confirmed.

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I smell another paid event. Sure to be some roadmap hidden behind a paywall


lol… I can’t read Russian.

Pay to win? Possible for FTP? Also, she doesn’t LOOK S class. Maybe I’m missing something…

Yup, you are missing her collectibles. Lol


Seems like another do this to do that, than do that to do this, etc


Crap I see last words again. By far my least favorite collectible. Always get worthless letters like z and q even after countless arena tickets


Just seeing those letters again triggered me. :woozy_face:


should be s class, the mission gives two princess and also 6000 collectibles


You can stick your rng last words where the sun don’t shine👍


Looks like they also mention Mercer. Most likely that new one with a beard. Maybe he’ll be a p2p part…

The event is confirmed now …

BRUH I WAS SO HYPED. Mercer and princess are in this event which eliminates 2. So we still have frost, angel
Marlon and rosie, and Mateo.

Angel and Mateo.
Frost and Marlon and rosie?

I choose the bottom one. Bruh I wish Mercer was in the F2P collection.

Mercer will be the premier this week. Scopely wants their xmas bonus, so expect him to be OP

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Bruh that would been a nice ass f2p s class.

Nice Christmas event we have here. :smirk:

While other games give you things just for playing their game not here over at scipelyland. We expect you to jump through borning grindy hoops and subject you to weighted rng all while we dangle the reward just out of reach…unless you are willing to part with some cash that is.


Seasons greeting, love scipely. :christmas_tree::credit_card::christmas_tree:


Oh he won’t be f2p lol. He’ll be very expensive

So our final choices are
Frost and marlon
Angel and mateo

Or old and new
Frost and mateo
Angel and marlon.
Their probably gonna do frost and marlon.

For what? The only free one is princess

I guess the discussion is about “next gold bricks free S-Class” pair

Its either frost n marlon
Angel n mateo.