Wyatt rush question?

After use him many times I found that his AR only target the same character, for example when I use it he only pain split+hp up with 6Shiva all the time even though their Hp-up has already MAX!! several times ,It never change target to other my teammate. idk what is the system behide pain split or just a bug? if it would target to weakest first it supposed to target my 5 instead like sv Ezk or Y.Mich… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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It only goes towards the highest hp character on your team, so it’ll never go to your shields unless the rest of your team is dead, hahah. If you want it to go on zeke as much as possible you’ll have to give him a weapon with hp on it while the other characters use defense-based weapons and such.


Afaik, Pain Split goes with the toon with the most hp

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I use a HP bonus weps on 6" Zeke it always pain splits him unless he has been hit a lot and is down on HP.

Why does it do this?
Wondering if I could get a answer from a developer.

Shouldn’t he be able to pick the weakest member HP wise?

I think the answer is: because Pain Split is supposed to allow your character to live longer by sharing half his damage to a character with a lot of HP. It makes since that you would want to direct that other half of the damage to the guy who could withstand the most of it.

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What benefit do you see from having pain split with a weak character?

Yes! Exactly. You want him to pain split with your tankiest teammate. If your opponent can knock off Wyatt’s pain split partner with a 5000 point AR, both are going to take 2500 damage and both are probably going to die in that one hit. It’s waaay to easy to get a 5000 point AR with a stronger trait 5* so I don’t think pain split with a 5* is a good idea. In fact, my favorite thing is when Wyatt on the top row pain splits with a red on the bottom row when my Ty is ready to AR. Boom! Three dead in one AR.