Wth is up with raid pairing?

What in the world is up with the raid pairing? I’m S7++ but it keeps pairing me with S9. I can’t fight S9 yet. I’m spending a mil at a time just to find a bot to fight! I can’t afford that everyday! They take points if you lose so I won’t chance it. I’d like to be able to find ppl I can actually compete against. Not teams that stomp me in the ground and I lose all the points I’ve worked for. I’m currently 700+ in raids. My rep is 6500+ . I ain’t losing a years worth of rep points to battle ppl I know I’m going to lose against. I guess I’m off raids for a bit and that’s my main trophy score. Idk what else to do. And we need some horde events! Bad for the pathway. That’s my rant. Lol. I don’t know abt the state of this game lately! @Scopely please entertain us! Fix the raid pairing to at least be your equal! And do something abt the SC pulls! 2 5 star for 25$ a month? Mine expires tomorrow and I’m not renewing until you do! Please I love this game and want to be a 5yr+ player! Gimme a reason too!


Most regions drop defence during raid? Idk what region u went to but it doesn’t sound fun

I think it pairs you with people in your rep range, not sure tho. Rep doesnt do anything except you do need a little to unlock a slot in the supply depot. I would suggest ghosting, keep your food and wood under 100k so you dont appear on the raid list, this will help you build some rep and also post your roster and someone can help you build an attack team.

it is based from the top possible team grade you can have


This will only get worse when people get S class and when people don’t get them.Some good changes should be made to raiding.

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I barely clock S9++ and it’s a pretty bad team comp… So it’s annoying to have to face Zach teams when I have nothing to counter.

I’m in stark. Which is Morgan. Lol

I’m in stark Which is Morgan.

I have.a strong attack team. I just still struggle with S9. Its frustrating. I have Gaurdian Rick, Charlie(fast), Negan(kirkman) yumiko(fast) and michonne winter as my lead all 6*. She has leader skill. And I still struggle against some of the tougher teams. I’m in Morgan.btw. thanks though. Ill try that with the food.

I agree with you whole heartedly. And its a real problem now. @Scopely needs to work on raids and the pairing system bad. Some ppl have pointed out it may be my region. Which is Morgan bit I like the faction im in . so there’s that.

Yeah but at my best with michonne winter ed. 6*, negan Kirkman 6*, yumiko w/confuse6*, Charlie w/taunt and heal reduction plus ap, and Gaurdian Rick, all 6* im barely S7++. So it looks like they’d pair me at best with S8 or S8+ I could deal with that. But they are putting me with the top ranked S9’s . its a little ridiculous to have to spend a mil food just to get 1 raid in. They really need to fix the pairing mechanism . I think being in Morgan is reducing my choices. Lol.