WTF, the michonne map

Dude… I did the 1st part and the timer only had 6 minutes for the 2nd part. I wasted 10 balloons. Why would the map start with that m8ch time left???


Same thing happened to me.

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Same -_-

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It’s up for 2 hours, did you start with 6 minutes left?

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I started with 2 hours left, but when i completed the first part of the roadmap the timer changed to 5 minutes


it was 2hr the whole time lol

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F U C K. Is my thoughts exactly.

No sir it wasn’t up for 2hrs. It changed and I figured it was a issue or us being duped and I hate to say this but… ONCE AGAIN.

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EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED TO ME, god, why cant put the event in timer?

What makes it even more of a scam is that it says if you open it, it will allow access for 5 days but it doesn’t, it is only 2 hours.


Scopely: Fuck they seen through our scam!

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Then you don’t get the flags either. Classic Scopely

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Same its pretty bullshit, where are my 2 black flags scopely!

2hr timer


Oh sorry didn’t noticed that, I thought it run out after 2hr

The choice boxes seem to be bugged also. I pulled the green flags only for nothing to show up in inventory. Also the same for my face mates

I noticed the exact same thing lol

At this point im just saving the boxes and will open them when they are fixed

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It shows 2hrs now, crazy how they can’t\don’t want to put out a good product.

Saving them will probably not fix it. In the past when they coded things wrong it was only fixed with the new ones anything before the fix stayed broken.