Wtf scopely it's freaking impossible to win against s-class

Even walkers with 100% crits resist and immune to headshot die so ■■■■■■■ easily


I mean, Christa, Kapoor, and James get slammed by my basic set of walkers

but I’d imagine the other ones would be a pain to deal with


None of those are t4 veteran 30…

okay well maybe they should’ve been more specific, because they’re still S-Class, post never said t4 veteran 30 S-Class.

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It was a horrible game mode to begin with. I haven’t even dried my cards and will not. Everybody wanted it back so bad and now the floodgates will open with people complaining about it. To be honest I’m glad it’s going to fail again.


If you arent in diamond you shouldnt judge the difficulty…

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Did you just tell me I shouldn’t judge difficulty because shit isn’t as difficult for me as it is for other people?

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That’s like telling me I shouldn’t be depressed because people have lives worse than mine.

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Walkers should be ripping through 6*s and handling S-Classes. If they’re struggling now it’s not gonna get better as more S-Classes filter through


Like a guy at y talking about how he could dominate the nba.

How do you make big text?


You put a # at the beginning of the sentence (make sure to include a space in between the # and the text)


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put the zombies from z-nation

Stop trolling, you didnt kill s class with basic walkers, video or lying.

Just lost to a single kapoor who healed himself almost max hp with his 75% heal skill and took out lines of walkers with his rush, he was on fire, bleeding and was surrounded by a horde.

I guess nice try at trolling tho :man_shrugging:

Well, it depends on what you see as “Basic”

Basic is the shit they kick you off with, imo (The female one with the vest, that bearded spiked one, etc.)

Christa, James, and Kapoor have all kicked the bucket to the set of basic cards they give you in the beginning

Kapoor and James sometimes are a bit of a struggle though

I have no reason to troll, so no clue why you’re accusing me of doing so :woman_shrugging:

Well let us in on your strat cause you are the only one who is having an easy time which leads me to you are trolling, ya know that one person who is gonna try to be cool and be opposite and say “its easy for me, im so pro bruh”

What leagues you in btw?

Platinum, I’d imagine it’s harder in Diamond, so :woman_shrugging:

I’ll type up my strat after I’m done eating dinner

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Shame youre not in diamond, maybe then someone would be able to beat my team cause no one has yet and thats with only 1 s-class toon, Pete who is T3 lvl 60 with a non crafted weapon behind a Michelle lead also, so no defense or hp lead bonus. :thinking:

Really looking forward to your strat :grin:

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Oof, Pete eats these walkers for breakfast. Can I get some s class walkers please