Wtf Laopo !?!?!

Nerf him immediately scopley , Priya is an Angel compared to him ,
Are you out of your mind scopley .
Are you that desperate for money !?!?

85ap bruh

85 ap rush, so really meh except if they change his S-Class version rush, only good thing will be the massive stats

Only problem is turn 1 active skill. What’s exhaust do?

You know you don’t have to use 3 attack to let him rush , right
He can rush in t2 , if you have Dr.Stevens , beta , …

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On attack, yes. On defence, ain’t much of a problem

Exhausted toons take the specified damage for every 10% AP they gain through active skills, weapon effects or rushes.

So, if Laopo uses his 225 exhaust on Doc Stevens in round 1, Doc will take 2250 damage when he uses his active skill.


You don’t know , I have Elena . and thanks to her active skill ,
I kill Dr.Stevens , Raven and Charlie in first turn

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Exhausted is worst than bleeding , I have many videos of me using Elena to kill Dr Stevens in t1

Exhaust is basically a maim but with complicated math.

He’s balanced. Daze doesn’t do much really. If he’s using his active means he’s rushing slower. I actually think he might be f2p. Can’t see him as a big moneymaker.

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Don’t forget Jessie and her buff. :rofl:
Scopely, dont listen to Ricky, laopo is perfectly OP

That’s a counter to doc stevens so big doubt he’s ftp, plus he’s also gonna be S-class

He’s not really a counter to doc Stevens on attack, just on defense. And he’s becoming rarer by the day on defense. He’s off mine.

Doc will use his rush before the exhaust is in play. Most with doc Stevens try to end the duels before using him a second time.

I can’t imaging his s class , he is already better than Priya in his current status

This was his leak.

Won’t change much. Will be 30 def and 30 ho and prob -60 instead of -50. His stats will obviously get a big boost.

You just didn’t get, didn’t you
Even in defense , he will probably kill 2 enemies in Dr.Stevens team in t2

He’s there on the first stage of the exhaust map if you wanna check him out

-60% atk is correct, but he’s also applying the effects to the whole team on the s class variant,still 85 ap tho

impossible if I have Stevens on attack. I use him AS and AR on turn 1 before his exhaust comes into play.