WTF is taking so long? We need an update

So the new gator stash has been leaked, and most people are avoiding it due to the cost. Whatever.

But this raises one major question. WHEN WILL THE GOVERNOR COME OUT! It’s been nearly 4 months since he was leaked. Same thing with Eugene. Gator was only leaked like 3 weeks ago. We demand an update @kalishane


It’s been nearly 5 months since the Governor was leaked. I actually need to make a correction, it was 4 months.

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Do you see the bigger picture? F2p players don’t have anyone but Mirabelle as a red character. They’re currently starved for a new toon, and the gov is what they need. And Scopley needs to get their priorities straight: gov has thaken way longer than gator to come out for literally no reason.

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We just had a melee ascendable toon released with Glenn. It should be the Gov not Gator. Both nugget events are also for melee toons. That’s some biased bullshit right there.


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Tara is F2p. xD

But nobody will have her for at least another year. It’ll likely take years to obtain her.


Stop using scopely semantics, JUN is not EARLY 2018, Q1 is early, Q2 and Q3 are middle of the year.

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Maybe you should think about what you’re posting before rage posting. Your arguments are all over the place and you’re just filling the forums with more hate.


Are you scopely fanatic or something? I didn’t say they are not going to be released till mid year, I said it is not EARLY (semantics) of the year, don’t be so dedicated.

Look for a word semantic. If HALF of the year is EARLY you really are dedicated to this game.

Don’t take it hard, there are web sites for edge and corner guards for tables.

Community: “Wah wah wah I want F2P six stars”

Scopely releases Joshua, Glenn and Gator.

Community “Wah wah wah, no I didn’t want those F2P six stars”

Look, I’ve been as vocal as anyone about the shady practice of stifling six stars outside of premier pulls, but the fact of the matter is that they are releasing F2P six stars now, and at a decent rate. so just show some patience


No tears here buddy. But they are all melee. The gov was leaked at the same time as Glenn and that was early Oct. It’s just about 4 months now. Gator’s card did not exist until like what 2 weeks ago? If your gonna do legacy ascendable you need to include both ranged and melee. We need another free obtainable red toon to combat the greens and it would be nice to have another target for the blues as well. Tired of Mira getting ganged up on by blue heavy teams. And no Tara does not count. By the time more than a dozen people have her the 7 stars will be here.

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I’ve been demanding the same shit since the day ascendance was released.

So you’ve been demanding Governor and more 6* reds “the day ascendance was released”.

Got it.


That’s not necessarily true. This game has always been about resource management and if you’re careful and diligent with your coin earning then you can save up for big pulls. This is how I got ascendable New Threat Gov and six star Erika. If you are strategic and careful, it’s possible to put together varied, competitive teams. In my experience, most players just don’t have the patience (which includes me my first 1.5 years playing this game, my patience is a new found virtue).

While I do agree with that partially, the term f2p implies non recruit and rewards characters.

I don’t deny its bloody stupid that a character who was data mined on the 29th August 2017 - that’s 153 days ago or five months ago - is still unreleased.

My point is that the community is never sated.

You know what I meant. I was referring to you saying that my complaints are all over the place. I’m saying that my concerns have been remaining constant.

Well that is true but can it really ever be with the game? It’s designed by nature to keep everyone fighting for the next new thing. Look at how the 6 stars did a hard reset and pretty much make everyone’s roster of 5 stars useless. The same with hold true with 6 stars. If the game makes it another year or two you bet they will introduce them and make the our current rosters useless again. Force the “dedicated” to reboot yet again.