Wtf does Dev's rush do?


Who’s taking damage, and who’s getting nerfed? Are those elements mutually independent?

“get -45% atk” sounds like a punishment.


Deal -45% attack to up to 3 enimies


The same 3 that were damaged?

Soooo ambiguous!


I’m not sure if its the same 3 enemies but at least 3 of em won’t be as strong for 1 turn,


Damage and Attack Malus on 3 enemies.

If it was Damage 1 enemy then 3 enemies Malus attack, there will not be the ‘And’


Sounds like the word “get” shouldn’t be in there and will possibly be removed to avoid further confusion according to Agrajag.


Can I have the link of the subject?



Well the word GET is bound to be a typo,


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