Wrong museum collection?

Why you have 2 mesuem collection for priya? One should be for priya sclass?

For someone who already have sclass priya like me , we should have to chance to collect this mesuem as well i believed.

Scopely can you take a look and fix this mesuem collection to be fair with everyone.

One is for S Priya (minimum t4 lvl90) and the other is for 6star Priya (t4 lvl90).


Lol minimum

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Poor visibility again, u have to go into character profile to see which is S-Class and which isnt

Thanks for your clarification. it so mystery if we not going to check toon profile. why make it so difficult to see the different.

with the gear shortage , i guess i can’t claim this reward anyway so let forget it lmao

? Because S toon t4 goes to lvl150 in case you dont know


Oh my goodness. The comment reminds of the museum I’m volunteering at now. There is no record for the museum. Not even of what belongs to who within the museum. :confused: and it doesnt make enough money to pay someone to start somewhere with managing it.

THANKS 9apps cartoon hd

One is for the S class! :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

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