Wrong marks from.death express

I am only receiving 5 marks from a death express stage instead of 10
This has been from the first day of the event
Can this be rectified?

Thats up to $copley in the end :confused:

@kalishane ive noticed the same thing… havent even bothered to file a support ticket… CS is worthless and there wont be compensation, so why bother…

I had noticed yesterday I had 85 tokens and collected the 15 free and ended up only having 90 after, but I thought maybe I miss seen the 85.

I also decided not to contact the NCS, being they are useless.

@Kalishane thoughts?

Now that I think of it I ran the maps earlier and definitely didn’t have the amount of death marks that I should have

5 marks @kalishane

Run a level should pay 10 marks… @kalishane

Go check my total … STILL AT 5…@kalishane

For all you white knights and fanboys… check the timestamps…

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Its even worse… stages arent paying out at all…

Im done…

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Which act? Act 1 is fine. I will try the others though (and record it, if any issues arise). Those screenshots dont really prove anything so will not help with any issue being fixed.

Death Express act 3 lvl 5… not that i even frigging care anymore… and i thought it has been happening…this time i was keeping track…

And i really don’t give a shit if you believe me or not… see… youre attitude is what ive come to.love and expect…

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This is not about belief, stop being so emotional. This is the bug section - its about recreating the original issue and presenting it so it is able to be fixed.

And as stated, I am canning to record it for you as those screenshots are not going to do the job. If it is an issue, it needs to be fixed. As it will effect everyone.

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Yep… because scopely has a great track record at fixing things…

If you actually present them properly they have a much better chance. I’ve presented a few via video and how it happened and they have been fixed.

I guess it comes down to, as a player, how much you want the issue to be fixed or how much you want to whine about it not being fixed.


I have been nice, patient, helpful… over and over again…repeatedly… im done…

Figured id try snark, sarcasm and vitriol…cant have any worse results

Oh and bg, i see you typing … cam you post a meme


And your also a LEADER…gee i wonder why they help you

The other one…

Yep… that one