Wrong choice boxes

The current S Class roadmap has the wrong choice boxes…beware before rushing in to do it!


That’s hot

Scopes be like

Not just road map. Got this shit from Michonne’s blessing wheel…


I just went and looked at the boxes in the wheel, they’re screwed up on mine also…smh

Yep just got a choice box from Michonnes blessing with this junk in there. Cheers scopely

Glad I didn’t do any Michonne pulls since they messed it up. Was about to mention the s class fix but you beat me to it. Lol

Working as intended,
Keep on surviving!

Ummm… thanks?

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Nothing is working right since the Halloween event & SR started

Mine is also messed up, lets see how fast this get rectified if at all

I got the wrong choice box please help pls

Deja vu

I assume they’re updating the boxes to include Hengyen collectibles. but didn’t actually push the new game data live. It will probably change automatically once they do, but it might be best to message support just in case. Got the 99 myself from Michonne wheel.

Players: Please update the roadmap choice boxes

Scopely: Hold my beer


Oh my the choices! What you gonna choose? A survivor? 1 scrap of wood? Tough choice, tough choice

“That will teach them damn players from asking for updates” - scopely


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i got the wrong choices box too, and scopely didnt respond my complain, sucks…

Also this problem :unamused: