„Wrong” cards in Sclass roadmap box

So in museum after Clem is Shiva, Gentelmen etc but our great Scopely placed Mateo cards in box now :clap:
Another :poop: move
@TayTron 1% chance its a mistake? :wink:

i take him over them outdated shitie s class toons infection and heal block is kinda op right now…


I use Mateo often against mercer and pete teams and is very useful. If u can control enemy team healers its a win turn 3 . he is OP for a medium player like me.

Im not saying he is shit or useless but my point is, Scopely skipped toons between Clem and Mateo and its not cool for me becuase Im waiting for more payback Shiva cards and now should be her turn in box.

I know lot of players use pete or mercer lead in attack with trader, wangfa etc and thats ok if they like. Im still damage dealers teams fun so infection and heal block is not for me :wink:

All I need is better def, got S rosita and I was sure Shiva will be next in rm boxes

But oh well… :man_shrugging:t2:

Don’t knock it Mateo is a fantastic toon👍

If it is a mistake… then this is the only kind of mistake i will accept from scoply :slightly_smiling_face:


Hmm, well IIRC, they haven’t always put them in there in order of release. But they have been doing so for a while

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I thought exactly the same. Bin saving up for shiva cards to drop in choice box then jumps a couple toons to Mateo.

Looks like will have to grind on level up and SR.

Them going out of order is a bit unusual, but they also updated the S-class box with Clem and Mateo just less than 1 week apart from Davie, which is vastly faster than the usual 2-3 week period.

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I’d rather get Mateo ‘soon’ than in December…

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I really liked this “mistake” lol. Mateo S is coming soon for me

I noticed this too, and if they keep this regular with more relevant cards in few time will be a nice move from Scopes

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