Wrong Calendar?

So on the calendar it says faction lvl up, i gathered all my members to prepare for this lvl up and now on VK it shows that it will be a solo lvl up.

Do not bother making a calendar if you will not folow it. I rather be checking VK next time to avoid being mislead…

I believe it was originally a faction lvl up, but the calendar was change several days ago, it does also say ‘subject to change’.

Events have been changed at the last minute before, but this isn’t one of them.

You haven’t been mislead, you just haven’t kept yourself up to date.


Solo level ups have better prizes and don’t lock us in to faction before crw in case someone needs to step out or a person needs kicked. Faction level up and raid prizes are so bad I don’t understand why anyone saves for them we all just rotate going hard in solos for better prizes and then coast to top 2 or 3 in my regions faction events.

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