Wrong background sizing

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

Looks like somebody set the background image to the wrong size.

Or the wrong zoom level.


If someone could bring this to their attention on Discord thatd be great.

This was brought up last night on discord. I don’t know if it’s happening for everyone (might be, I just don’t have that data). It may be device dependent, so support tickets opened in game would be very helpful. Support tickets opened in game will include all of the device information they need to determine if it’s device dependent or not.

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Yep I noticed the same

It’s more based on the resolution of the background image than on the device

I’d have thought so too, the buttons are still in the same place, not further in with the background. But who knows.

It’s aspect ratio, not resolution, but yeah, it’s real bad on widescreen phones, but standard ones have no black sidebars

Mine just started doing this maybe yesterday or a few days ago. I have android, samsung galaxy s10+. It’s very annoying.

I only get it on that one background in the Noor roadmap

It is only at that noor roadmap.

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