Wow! This day has been one for the books

This day has been a joke right from the start.
It all started with the territory event.
My faction killed about 8000/10000 walkers and had 30+ teams in when it reset back to 10000 walkers and kicked all teams out.
So there I was with no energy, 10000 walkers to kill and no teams in…lol

Then came the Michonne event.
I ran the roadmap as most did and got screwed out of the flags.
Strike two…lol

Then to top it all off, I waited for the Michonne b roadmap to reset…
The timer said I had 2 hrs to complete or so I thought
I was 2 energy short so I figured I would wait for it to regen, 10ish minutes later I see the roadmap has again locked. 10 balloons lost!
Strike 3… I’m out!

Support is useless or course and no acknowledgement of the issues here either.
If I get bent over 1 more time today I going to need lube…lol


Screwed out of flags?

The choice box’s from Michonne B roadmap.
I chose the green flags and didn’t get them…
Not in my inventory anyway

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