WOW, how can we get rid of cheating when it cannot be mentioned



The customer service won’t do a thing, and the only way we can get people to condemn cheaters is to bring the topic to the center of attention, now this topic is prohibited?
How can we possibly get justice, equity, when we don’t even have the freedom of speech?


All we want is to eliminate those cheaters from the game effectively in a timely manner! No leniency, no warning, no second chance!!


I’m kind of at a loss for words myself. Not sure what you are allowed to say. It’s apparent that you are not allowed to lay blame for issues.


I’m glad to see the topic hasn’t died.


Just sit back with a bowl of popcorn and watch as the games kills itself with cheating running rampant and the god’s Just sit back see how dedicated the whales can be.


Irony is that the cheaters are so confident that want to run for the leadership in scopely forums :smiley: