Wow 300 cones away

Last time I was this close to a toon was Romanov and they jerked his collection. Thankfully we got 282 more days on priya. It'll prolly take every day of that for me to get the other priya. 10 days away guys! I'm so exited. She's my first museum toon. I wish torches and cones where more available. You have to level up to get 10-15 torches. I wish I could trade the 1k cakes or the 1 k blue keys and is have her and a good start on the other! I can't wait and I'm sharing my excitement! Not complaining at all. That's pretty good considering I'm on call a lot. I can check in everyday to grind for 30. I guess that's why I'm documenting here. Last time I had 16.8k puppy and they jerked his collection. I'm actually 12 days away. Please god give me this! Lol.  Has anyone heard if the puppies are coming back?
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Away from s class or reg?

Regular. Where I’m always working unpredictable hours I don’t have the time to donate to get them very fast. Lol. It takes me a little longer. But I’m so exited. Idk why it came out like that I wrote a paragraph. My first hard earned museum toon. I don’t count Kapoor. Lol.

As soon as you get her to 6star upgrade her weapon to very large or huge Ap on attack asap.
Also get some defensive or hp mods on her at 6 star. At Sclass she’s all about attack but at 6 star it’s her Daze on 75%+ hp that’s her biggest draw.
Keeping her above 75% will mean you can deal with Kapoor, Pete, Mia, Raven, Doc, Cole and all those other pesky good AS toons easily.

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I hope they pull the collection as punishment for using such annoying method of writing text on the forums…​


I was hoping the plushies would be the doc Stevens event

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Got mine recently, and the Daze is surprisingly effective; I certainly agree with you on that.

I run her behind a shield and usually with a G2, so far that’s been enough that I can use atk oriented mods. Will have to see how well this holds up in the future.


Yeah of course its gonna be effective op actives are gonna exist more so daze helps stop that
That’s why ppl will prob add daze and stun resist to dudes with theese super actives because if they lose their rush thier active is much harder to stop lol
Any way priya and raultio are probs the best atk leads aside from Wangfa (let’s be honest hes a rare one that will last longer than 3 or even 6 months everyone getting crosshairs means no need for a decap ever)
Raulito is good because we now know that the next new duel skill is bloodthirst which raultio will help with

I don’t know why it did that! Don’t wish that on me! Lol.


Dude that would have been awesome. I had a ton 16.8k when they pulled them saved up. And romanov was a toon I seriously wanted. I almost cried. Another toon my job knocked me out of lol. Put me in a bad mood for months. Lol

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Okay. Will do. I’m so exited. Ill prolly have to come back and read this to remember but I’m happy. I can prolly get her sooner thru weekly missions. I’m collecting my comics this week hopefully and the last few times its let me trade for 300 cones. So fingers crossed they are easier this week. Or at least doable. Lol.

Sorry to everyone!!! Idk what I did wrong to this post. I wrote a big paragraph. Idk why it came out like this! Lol.

I need 300 for s class lol well I will say I had the reg pryia for like 2 months and she is pretty great

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Oh man. Fingers crossed for you! Itd be great if we could trade for the ones we need. I have a ton of cakes. I meet every requirement in cakes except the character, lol. And blue keys we could trade and get the ones we actually need. That would be very cool.but hey if you can get 15 comics you can trade for 300 in a choice box. Don’t know if that helps. But its what I’m hoping to do.

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