Wouldn't it be great if

…Scopely woke up, smacked their collective foreheads, and said “What have we been doing!!!” Suddenly, they realized their exclusive focus on pay to play and pay to win might be a mistake…

Nah. lol


They don’t care cause Star Trek is bringing in the $$$$$$$$$$$


very true i think

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Which IMO is why they could care less if people retire from this game or whales stop spending. They are fleecing and producing so many more whales elsewhere at a rapid rate lol


i really wanna have a go on that star trek game. but no not again


They’ve let this game become a shitshow and have moved on to more profitable ventures. They won’t be closing it anytime soon, they’ll just put in minimal effort to keep pumping out promos and milk the remaining whales.


The star trek comments on google play sound a lot like the ones on this forum. It’s sort of funny.


I almost downloaded it when it started, then saw the Scopely logo and abruptly changed my mind. Don’t need another give me your money game.


Exactly this. Bugs, bugs and more bugs… and everything is behind a paywall.
I tried to spread the message there but I just don’t know enough about that game to get the message to the ppl who could probably make the most difference.


So are the WWE ones, do a search for Scopely on twitter and the vast majority of comments from people are complaints about the WWE game

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Right u are fake Attano who can’t get Clean Hands

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This is strategic motives always.
We the consumer are the inconsistent variable.

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They don’t care because they are still making a ton of money. Sure, they aren’t making as much as they were, but the game is four years old. There’s bound to be a decline.

This war was littered with waylands. They can’t all be from the skull token event and the piper event coins. This game still makes a shit load of money. And now that they have four money makers (RTS, WWE, Star Trek and looney toons), they can absorb the retirements.

I was hoping Players united movement would have achieved more i know it is still to soon to fully judge it. However like you said this is not their cash cow anymore. Can any of us say that if we were in charge, would you change it knowing that it will always make money?

Yea which is why I don’t expect changes in how they make money. They make money with promos. I do hope they see that some quality of life changes can be good for the game and that releasing more legacies is also good. But I do think the gap will always be there. It’s how they make money. One toon better than the next.

I truly hope they change Ricky, however i have never seen a company change.

If I were in charge? Yes I would change the game. Why? It would increase revenue more. You can make money and still have a game that works for all. Increase odds on toons on the wheel, more people would try. Fix the bugs more people would play happier and maybe spend. This game is salvageable, but Scopely would have to care.



How do you know it will change, you would risk everything just to make people happy, who clearly are still spending money? you have your hooks in why take them out. I am not saying what they are doing is right all i am saying is were is the motivation or business model to change.