Wouldn't it be cool

If we were able to wage war on factions within your region? At the moment there’s no way to mess with shit talkers

Blitz war monday. I’m ready to wage war on our shit talkers


Cannon region has had aow 8 x in a row, it’s not that cool.

Yeah completely random and you don’t punish them in anyway. I’d like to gain items off of them or something

Lol I hear you but it shuts them up when you shut em down

I wish it would be.

I got my 2nd raulito. I deadass wanna have a 5* only war since I got so many. Just a thought.

30v30 TDM

Loser gets knocked out of the region

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Maybe come out with a new war item that can be redeemed for stuff. The losing faction gets their items taken away and the winning faction walks away with it all

Nevermind I can see the crybabies now. This is a bad idea

Naw this a good idea I always wanted a death match or something,when they lose they dead forever or atleast the characters they used to attack with.

Cannon is too fresh for crw lol

Just block them in gc…but its really frustrating at first coz you wanna unblock them to find out what they’re saying…

Chicken and the egg syndrome…lol

I block em then unblock cuz I see people responding to em. Then I troll their butts

Are you new to the game. This has happened since day 1. Bit of banter aint no issue.

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