Wouldn’t it be nice for scopely to create a poll with a few ideas and let the community vote :)


Title says it all but hey why listen to the ones filling your wallets :smile:


The should do that or make a list and make the most upvoted the main priority and the worst the last one to do.


@JB.Scopely :eyes:


Why dont you make a poll to see if they should make a poll ??!? :joy::grin:

Seriously, I doubt that they will hear us out.
At best, they use a forum spread idea and find a way to make it cashable.
At worst, they dont.


Yea but it’s all in good hopes and wishful thinking lol


I like the idea. Just give us some options to choose between bad or worse. It’s just eye candy… but people would feel like their opinion matters


Exactly, it would kinda show the community that they’re actually listening instead of our words meaning nothing


Yeah if only they would do some kind of in-game poll or survey or something. :roll_eyes:


Several suggestions actually have been heard. The majority of users of this forums tends to forget the positive, though.


Yeah, because the negative MASSIVELY outweights the positive.

Besides, there are a lot of things that we ask for months/years and we dont see coming.

Now that we speak about it, let me remind :

  • Team pages : a way to organize teams for SR, Raids, Wars, FA … but mostly SR because its such a loss of time and fun to constantly rebuild a team every stage

  • Roster slots : because with trainers given by 5 or 10s and the fact that we keep every 5* hoping for ascendance, its nearly impossible to collect your training camps

  • Impair all during auto : since the addition of the x3 button, we lang for a merge between “auto” and “x3” button, which would make room for a “Impair” button allowing no AR during auto

  • Collect all in territories : because playing easter eggs on the map is no fun anymore

  • The end of 1* toons and weapons, and basic tokens : because even when you start a fresh account, there is no use for them

  • A trading market : at least within factions, as in every other mobile game, because no use for the 75 camp stoves and craving for 2 night googles visions while your teamates sits on 50 of them and is craving for camp stoves …

  • The end of wasted energy : because in the whole mobile gaming industry, when you use a refill, you get the whole refill to add up to your current energy points, with no max limitations, not burning your initial left points before using the refill

  • New stages … because 3-years-long-soon™ is long enough

  • New levels for players : we should be somewhere between 150 and 200 if the raise had been implemented

  • Last but not least : LEGACY ASCENDABLES
    No need to developp this one …

So thanks for the positive, but #WeWontForget everything bad that happened (#MultiGates) and whats not been heard because its not profitable.


Those would be some great additions to the game. Here are a few others I’d like to see done as well.

1: Raising or removing wood to scrap limit

2:New perks to being a monthly subscriber, such as premium pass allows free mod removal instead of using scraps just because you want to try something new.

3: Gaining rep/points in war for defends, some may have a crappy atk team but could have an outstanding def/ time out build.

4: An auto complete that doesn’t use tokens for smaller missions such as farming for gear/mats. I get the concept of the tokens but they’re not really necessary.bronze token vs gator item drops there is a big difference between the two. And makes farming for gear repetitive and annoying when u can just use auto.

5: Not really a need kind of thing but it would be great to duel anyone you’d like imo. Yea it’s fun with raids and such but why not add the ability to duel anyone some great players might be able to help and give advice with builds outside of your own personal faction and imo would be a nice addition to the game.

All in all man the game has made some changes some for better some for worse. But after spending a lot of times reading forums it seemed to me scopely hasn’t been listening to the community. Maybe it’s the simple concept of everyone wants handouts idk. But the ideas you’ve posted are outstanding and it would be great to see those in game soon.


Hold your breathe, its been on the table since the 1st forum (that is down by now) :blush:
So anytime soon™ :hugs:


And let the whales max out all their gold mods that much quicker? Wait you must be a whale.

Yep definitly a whale. Talk about p2w perks. Everyone should get free mod removal for FREE.

Rep is meaningless so get over it.

I like this. They will never go for it. They enjoy wasting our time.

And I’m kidding about the whale stuff. It’s a joke. Whether or not you are is your business. The only one I see them ever doing is #2 in my opinion and not that specifically but increasing the benefits to people willing to pay.


Great post. Great ideas and of course as you know none of them will even be considered let alone even looked at.


Thanks for your opinion.

I know it wont be looked at and its sad but who knows, if oneday some community manager was to enhance in-game quality of life …


Actually new stages were implemented. A few. Once. But nevertheless.


I respect your reply everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But if you compete top tier SR whether it’s faction or solo the amount of wood/materials wasted is insane. So why not put it to use ya know. As far as the subscription thing going for free mod removal, from the posts I’ve read everyone has talked about scopely being about money and that monthly pass is one thing most people buy imo. I just like seeing what’s out there as far as ideas and I’m thankful and respect the replies that have been made to this post.