Would you still play?


If you knew then what you knew now , for example, the pull rate, the bugs, the support team and more

Would you still start playing the game if you knew what to expect?

This isn’t a bash scopely post because I would still play the game for the friends I’ve made and good times I’ve had.


  • Yes
  • No

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sure. its an enjoyable game. questionable antics sometimes, but still enjoyable. if anyone says differently then they lying out their ass or lying to themselves. if the game was so bad, nobody would be playing this game just for friends. they would up and leave and find another game, friends and all.


To be entirely honest not at all.

The only thing keeping me around now is inertia and the friendships I’ve made.

Disgusting pull rates. Disgusting customer service. Disgusting prize structure.

The whole game is based around how much money scopely can make which is fine in the short term but does nothing to ensure longevity.

I’m here now as f2p until the game dies or my faction falls, whichever happens first.

That’s yet another high prestige player walking out the door scopely… I’ll be sure not to let it hit my arse on the way out


I enjoy the game or I wouldn’t play for sure

The resounding votes so far mean to no though, interesting for sure


Poll is closer than expected


Close call. But although the game sucks ass right now. I’ve had some amazing times and have enjoyed playing it. Regardless of all the negatives.


No. It’s simple as that. It’s not the issues with the game. I can enjoy a game even with bugs and issues, it’s how little Scopely cares for their customers, the lack of effort they put into customer satisfaction and the obvious milking they are constantly up to usually behind very questionable ways. No I wouldn’t have downloaded this game if I knew what I knew now and everyday I get closer to leaving. I promise I’ll never download another game with a Scopely emblem ever again though.


I would still play because of the people. To be entirely honest, they people I’ve met on the game are the ONLY reason I haven’t quit. With that said, if I’d known then what I know now, I would be strictly f2p.


Maybe it’s on purpose to Kill the game? Or set it up to release a new version called "Scopely The Walking Dead: Ascend to the next level"
I say this whole heatedly but if you look at the games they have managed in the past this what they do. My only hope is that kirkmen only included Rights to the name once and if they want to use the walking dead name again he charges them $500 million or more.


Was discussing this earlier. Lol. And my answer is no i would not play it had i known then what i know now.


I now believe we are all in the matrix,and all of us are the “game”,and scopely is the “player” :sunglasses:


I am still playing because the global chat. Its the only in the game with fun.


I am still here because i have spent thousands of dollars and I keep hoping it will get better. I find myself player other games much more than i used to.


as a long time p13 player, i know what youre saying and where youre coming from. ive said before that sometimes scopes just does things that makes us scratch our heads, but really in the end its just a game and i treat it as such. i never allow myself to get so worked up that i find the need to make a fit and look like a fool over the internet cause scopes is doing something questionable. at that point, i find something else to do. game on the ps4 pro, work on my cars, shoot some photography…or other things ;). as a combat vet, the less stress, the better.


only reason i keep playing is the money i feel i have invested and the friends i have made

I actually hate myself for still playing this game…

love my faction but HATE scopely now.

this is the worst customer service I have seen in any game