Would You Like To Have A Balance Council?

This game desperately needs one. Everything from the recruits to specialist skills need to get worked on.

Would you be interested in a balance council?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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We alredy have a player counsil that will be taking action against this issue we domt need another one…

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This type of game is by nature unbalanced; if you want balance, play chess or Go.

That does not mean that there can’t be too much imbalance, and things like the specialist skill buffs were a good thing.

But a council is about the worst way of going about this. Players are generally not game designers, they are great at breaking games, not so much at fixing them. (Which does not mean that they can’t have good ideas!)


Question should be, do you want a balanced council…

No. Seven

I don’t think they’re focused on general balance issues.

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You’re wrong. The best people at balancing are usually unbiased, dedicated players. They play the game and know what needs fixing.

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They know what needs fixing, but at that time everyone knows - Scopely know this best because they have (or should have) complete stats of everything. In general, they aren’t that great at evaluating without experience playing the cards (look e.g. at pre-release tier lists for card games, and how often very engaged players completely mis-evaluate a card; or how often people predicted that a toon would completely break the game and turned out underwhelming). That’s because predicting a meta and how particular cards affect it precisely is really difficult. Card games tend to have whole teams that work on competitive balance, often very experienced competitive players with a long background, and they still get it wrong all the time.

Then there’s the obvious issue that the game effectively can’t be fixed. Some people spend a lot of money to get toons, and Scopely are very unwilling to change them after that. The only thing they can do is buff weaker toons, which increases the speed of power creep, or release new toons that counter unbalanced ones.

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You mean games of skill that stick around because people like them?

Yes. There’s lots of games that strive for total balance. This kind of game continuously adds (and sells) new things, which makes overall balance hard - continuously adding new mechanics of exactly the same power level is not really possible, and people are unwilling to spend money if what they get isn’t better in some way than what they already have.

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As long as you’re clear there’s a difference monetizing a game and gambling… And this game is both in crack.

Their greed at the cost of balance will be their downfall as they’ve gone far beyond the point of sustainability.

How can there be balance in a P2P game? If everyone spent $50 to download the game and there were no micro transactions, then it would be balanced… like a console game.

But they didn’t adapt that strategy. Players spend for an advantage, thus making it imbalanced. Why would anyone spend otherwise?

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They want feedback from spenders to figure out why they aren’t spending either as much or any at all. So they can compile this data and figure out a way to get them back spending. This isn’t rocket science but ive heard that one of the 1st issue that was brought up was indeed the gap between f2p and spenders which i quit frankly think is is irreversible.

I dont mind having a p2w advantage but…nevermind ive said this like a thousand times sounding like a broken record.


Which again is about degree of greed… Which theyve pushed way too far. Power creep at the rate they’ve been pushing pisses even those who bought all the newest toons.


Oh I agree. It’s gotten way out of hand.


This might be the one time I agree with drip.

That is… his/her spelling and use of council.

That is all. Back to my wanderings

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No! but I am laughing at all the threads. Council counsel counsil got me a good hardy laugh.

Seems everyone lost their witts over nothing.

Good luck

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There are people on the council that are working towards balancing the scales. There will always be the gap between p2p and f2p players. Lessening the gap by giving everyone an equal opportunity to win in events without paying is a must.

Arenas for example shouldn’t have the pay wall that it does. This event should be 100% free to play and grindable.

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no player can be unbalance, everyone only worries about their own backyard

if u want unbalanced, go find a random person off the street