Would you like a 5* war?

Would you like a 5* only war?

  • Yes, give us 5* war
  • No, that’s stupid, we just leveled 6*s
  • ROFL I can’t believe you did this

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Hell no. Some don’t have any left.

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I’d be down for that. It’d make things more even for those of us who have bad luck with pulls and don’t pay to win.

Yay the end of the 5* era sucked with mods lol

Not exactly for those who don’t spend, would suck for those without good pulls though.

People just don’t stop with the 5* wars. You open that gate next is 4* wars when I only have 1 4* on my whole roster

Anyone thinking this would put p2p at a disadvantage is buggin tf out lol. I still have my t1 team and I’m sure a lot of others do too


Plz plz plz just give me a month heads up so I can level some of these 5*s I’d love this idea

That’s what I was expecting from some people’s teams with 5* I have good amount of 5* maxed but not a super 5* lineup like that

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Yeah I’m f2p tho you can tell I’m f2p tho because no Priya

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Were you around for t1 teams?

Of course you think everyone has a t1 team tho? Lol

Remind me not to attack you during a 5 star war lol

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Not everyone, but they were common enough to introduce six stars and reset the game

I bet a lot of the ppl running those teams quit I know I would have

Lol yea at least a few have that I know of

No, stupid idea !!

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Haha!! 5* star war!!! :facepunch:t2:

I faced a 4 Konrad team back in the day of 5*s one of the worst teams I ever seen lol