Would you level up your guardian II toon's AR?

In this case we have the following:

  1. Ezekiel yellow
  2. Hershel red
  3. Kal green
  4. Ivanova green
  5. Glenn Yellow

I know I would level up Glenn yellow, not sure about the other 4.


I’d level them all

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I would depot them immediately

I done Zeke, his Crit bonus means higher chance for guardian to fire

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You would not normally raise a human shields AR though. What’s your rationale?

Kal’s G2 does not boost crit though

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I’d say all of em are definitely worth the level, why would you hurt yourself by not having a toon have a maxed ar?

Human shields I can understand, most of the G2 toons have nice supportive ars

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Also, what about their active?

I recently got a duplicate G2 toon and was considering how I could get that toon to be an all out defensive toon. Maybe I would upgrade their AR except for Kal’s

I have red Hersh and zek I leveled both their ars you probably don’t need to level zeks but definitely level Hersh that ar gives a wonderful buff

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Only if they give a crit buff i level up Hershels and Zekes didn’t bother with Kals

Thank you all for your comments :slight_smile:

I meant the guardians that was what you asked

But he taunts 2 for 2 turns…

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I have Zeke and Hershel, both with maxed AR. Zeke’s extra def and crit boost is nice, so is Hershel’s buff/ debuff/ crit. If I had the others I would max them out too. The way I see it, you don’t have to use the AR as soon as it’s ready. Kal’s taunt can be useful if used right to distract toons about to pop. Ivanova has a pretty quick rush that impairs 3 and boosts crit. Glen is all round good.