Would you kindly do more $5 offers, or 99 cents offers?


I buy them if they’re good… I’m sure others do too.


And Do a Magna and Erika for $5 like Carl and Mirabelle Legendary. they aren’t good now anyways(shhh) so let others get them too.




Would you kindly kill Andrew Ryan?


Carl and Mira for 5 bucks is a step in the right direction, older but still good if you don’t have them.
Sid, and Glen next please


Glenn maybe, but scopely wouldn’t do a cheap siddiq. He’s the only ranged command and they know that people would be more willing to pay more for him


Loving the bioshock comments


Bioshock is one of the greatest games of all time, period.


Hehe I have 2 siddiqs… I wouldn’t need to buy him :stuck_out_tongue:


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