Would weapon Rewards be acceptable for War?

Basically as said above do something like stun gun or stun sword for 1st in toe with 20k 5☆ tokens. This to me would be acceptable other then a 6☆ which they refuse to do.

  • Yes
  • No

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As long as they are actually useful specials, so stun, impair, ad, ap down, ap bonus. Bonus points if they are on weapon types they usually can’t go on also.

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I still want more toon variety. But at least it’d be something of value.

Green abs def or green stun on defend <3

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Custom weapons would be cool like a green stun on def

Yeah, but I guess what they would do is:


Very good weapon - 5%
5 other bad wepon - 95%


Maybe in last event a weapon was 1st that I remeber was Jesus Blade. Where 1st place got it out right while 2nd, 3rd, and other spots had declining odds in a crate.

Yes that was a level up tourney. Before the Rick faction level up.

It would never be that good of odds … more like
Good weapon .01 percent
Bad weapons 99.9 percent

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To further add to this post. This is a temporary solution not a permanent one, just until 6☆ can be implemented into award system. I still want 6☆ just like anyone else

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Some DT/PK for the higher milestones would be appreciated. Cats love it!


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Lol I laughed and liked that photo the 1st time I saw it. Somehow it’s still funny

My cat George is really a dog - follows me around the house and begs for more food just like a dog does.

My cats like that to he’s even been known to steal food right off your plate or the frying pan

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I could care less about the toons. Weapon rewards would be the bomb for me. I have tons of toons but weapons I can’t get for crap it’s reallllly frustrating. Vote YES for change!

Terrible idea IMO. Last thing we need is top faction getting more OP (I’m in a 1-2 faction). Already enough windowless teams as is, at last characters just provide variety.

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So far seems like it might be a viable option. What scopely does with it is up to them but we can try

The unique toon is what made war worth doing. anything else is garbage

I agree no need to keep giving top factions better weapons let them pay for them or work for it like we all have to do …

It doesn’t have to be just top factions tho last time alot had a chance from a crate only top faction had guaranteed chance. It’s not like scopely will hand out impair def weps constantly to give somebody a Windowless team.