Would this give more incentive to pull?

If scopely introduced a premium 40 pull for 12,000 coins, but you were guaranteed to pull the promo in 5* or 6* form. I know I would spend the 50% upcharge bc of my ridiculously bad luck when doing pulls. Or another route they could take would be to guarantee the promo will show within the first 100 pulls. If either scenario were put into effect, I know I would consider pulling more frequently. I think this would get your mid-level spenders to spend a little more often. The only reason I fear this would never happen is bc there is too many spenders out there who keep pulling til they get it, ■■■■■■■■ $500+ in some cases. What do you guys think? Think we’ll ever see a guarantee on promos? Pipe dreams, I know!


Tbh I love the idea but I think this would make me spend so much more lol

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Lol they should make being able to drop more money a “privilege” of survivor club

No lol maybe if they lowered the cost and gave you those odds but it isn’t worth it IMO

Vk Sells characters and gets away with it why not?

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Next thing we know scopely makes us vote for features by paying $$$
Want to delete faction onslaught from the game - pay
Want some gear events hmm - pay

Pay attention to terms of this forum, it’s ridiculous lol

Nope, just nope.

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This is a good idea, for those who still spend, but it will never happen for the simple reason that they’d rather people chase the dragon and do 5-10 big pulls for the promo instead.


This to the nth!

I stopped pulling until an ascendable is guaranteed. Priya was the only premier I’ve ever pulled. It was my 5th and last attempt.

It would be a good idea if you get the promo in the 6* form from a 40 only and make the 40 pull cost 75% less then it does now.

I think everyone would spend then. Pick what promo you want and it only costs $25,not this 300 spent and got a big nothing for what I was trying for.

Macro your micro scipely

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Seems so. Some people just can’t help themselves.

So they should just make it $1000 w/ every new premiere wheel and guarantee the 5-star version. $1500 for the 6-star. If people want to throw money at them and I owned the company I would gladly take it from them.

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How about scopes stops ripping us off. Fixes the bugs and stops lieing to us.

…lol ya right :laughing:

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Instead of that, I think dropping the price of a single pull to 200 coins would be good too.
They did it for a time, but idk why they stopped.

They over value their product soooooooo much lol

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