Would like to see

Weapon locks…also an ability to move your stuff to another region (but put a 3 month probation period on new regions to allow them time to grow) and a in fac dueling system or an arena to test eachothers defences without leaving your faction or make it so u can click raid or duel on ppl in gc… make those fights earn or lose rep rather than raids… let raids be strictly for food and wood…and apply some point/energy/reward system for rep with the arena idea… this would encourage more talking in gc and add value to rep.



Coming soon! :slight_smile:
I’ll keep you posted!

We’re still looking into something like this.

Noting the other ones!

Thanks ebola! (never thought i’d be saying this.)


Ppl call me Eb lol

Why wont you address the customers in the rewards thread? Please quit hiding and give the questions some transparency.


Heck… make it so if u raid someone theres a chance u take a tiny bit of gear from their inventory… wouldnt that be interesting…

What about the ability to convert wood/materials into food? Is that something that will be coming soon as well? And is there any kind of time table we can look forward to for this? @kalishane


Good to hear there’s a weapons lock on it’s way @kalishane, seen numerous cases of weapons accidentally being disassembled instead of reset…one tiny step in the right direction but there’s many more issues which have to be solved to balance the game: rewards and excess materials being two key ones which @Siddiqs_Boss and @Rackalicious have mentioned. Also a change up to the reward system in assault could be the answer to helping everyone get the required gear to t3/t4 their 6*s when supplemented by having canteens/gps in the likes of CSW or other events…but please please revert the gear roadmaps back to the way they used to be or make it so each section is open from the get go especially having to clear the rare section is a complete joke, you can get the same gear for less energy farming the world map on say stage 13-3.


I completely agree, this new gear map is ridiculous and a waste of time… Especially without the ability to farm specific gear needed for upgrades now… Those of us that built up a nice stockpile are running low now with all the endless level up tournaments… I’m just about to call it quits if this isn’t fixed and I know I’m in the majority @kalishane when I say the gear map, no one like it!!!

Id also like to see rhe ability to manage war que better… so you can swap targeted people rather tjan reaerve #1 moving up on first drop … say #3 wants in … should be able to tag em in. Plz!



@kalishane any word on account moving or merges? Older regions need more populations to keep the game competitive and refreshing with new personalities. I want to infect more ppl :stuck_out_tongue:

Bump… had another idea.

All 5* should be made ascendable… but… make the 6* version of the old 5* war rewards. Ppl may have the old 5* but not enough fodder to ascend it… this creating war interest and motivation … could sell better ascenion packs too…


Hmmmm awesome that some things mentioned here will be happening soon :slight_smile: