Would it be any real chance to beat a 5 6* Lydia team?

I mean just add absolute defense and some mods and it’s done, could you think on any team that without pure luck could actually beat them?

Forget it.

Possibly if you had some big green hitters including Alpha to decapitate, but even then I doubt it with all the healing and bonus HP


Bruce ap down, alpha decap, Shiva confuse/stun, it can be done


One word: Bruce. Abe lead makes it even easier.

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Been using this for lydia teams. Works pretty well.


I put up a single Lydia with impair and stun resist mods on defense for raids and I’ve defended about 3 different lower team ppl on timeouts and they were using all 6* teams


And I think a 4 Lydia and shield Jesus would be harder than 5 Lydia’s


We need a legacy disarm. Like, 2 months ago.

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Heal reducction and decapitate

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Abe lead w/ stun sword, Bruce w/ crit boost, 2x Green Alpha w/ double attack, 5* Zeke w/ stun sword (or some other damage booster). Easy.

Bring out “Useless” Maim negan. That will permanently stop them.

Lydia isn’t killing anyone, so you’d be able to run just about any attack heavy set up and with the right mix of stun, confuse etc it would probably be a cinch


Bruce and Decap Alpha. Could probably beat them with just those 2…

I have seen people use 5victor for his defense down, kate for attack buff and alpha to finish everyone off. They usually run a shield to cover the 5. That lydia 5× would be down in round 3

I love how ppl throw out bruce and shields like they are as common as dirt. Lol


Pull your ass off for a disarm/shield…

… Did you not text heal reduction green Lee?

Green Abraham…

… Neuter red gov / viktor

Green Shiva…

… Maggie

These all have control abilities that can help.

To be fair, I got a Bruce today from a 2 pull.

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dude! What the hell you doing on the forums!? Go to Vegas! :rofl:


Same way I got ascendable Hershel lmao