Worthless gold mods


Since this “game” is trying to appropriate many aspects of other games, why not take a feature that is very useful: allow us to combine several low tier bronze mods into silver, then combine silver into gold?

Was thinking about how much longer it now takes to get a character competitive. No longer can you just level and max AR, and pair with a good weapon. You now have to level, ascend, max both rushes (sometimes), get the right mods and level those mods, plus pair with a decent weapon that may or not be bound. For a ftp player, it is not an exaggeration when I say it can take months to get a character ready.

Let us combine useless mods into something useful.


Hey I’ll take it on my wayland too, if his ar can’t pop I’ll blow your mag up in 2 turns then you’re blue Carl is next. Lol


Not only pairing, don’t forget crafting a possible bound weapon… that’s also a pain ballz. Even for P2P players, it could takes months, especially if that bound weapon needs to be right for a toon…


Indeed. My Romanov for example. Built a 422 heavy defense for him, then realized it was way to slow. Reset and got lucky on huge attack AR second time around.

The game has gotten so specialized. No longer can you make a single killer team, at least without the double shield/revive meta.


Maim resist and heal are pretty bad but the others are fine.


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