Worthless gold mods

Life steal, atk on impair, defense on stun, atk when taunted, main resist, heal reduction resist, bleed/burn resist, reflect damage.

Are these all worthless? Even crit chance, bleed/burn on attack aren’t the best imo.

Feel like they were added only for more RNG.

We should be able to trash 3 gold mods for a new gold mod.

I agree but the bleed mods are lovely I use my gold bleed mods on my main def and got 1 bleed weapon and in total to one enemy it does 600k bleed, mainly on erika killing teams tho


attack on impair is actually really good. it can go up to 60%+ extra attack and stacks with special slot 3 as well. so that is about 130% attack with a gun that has 35% attack and 35% attack against enemies with 60% hp. extra deadly on a andrea.


From the ones u wrote, theres some good ones:

-Defense on stun (good when u already have confuse +taunt resist, so u get some kind of protection against 3 cc statuses)

  • Reflect Damage (good on shields, denies enemy Guardian shields at atk. Also reflects some ARs like Michonne, Sandy, Bruce, etc)

  • Atk on Impair (good on atk teams made to fight ranged enemies. When disarm on shield magna fails, your impaired attackers can still land heavy punches)

Maim resist is one of the worst, but as JB stated, the game developers are trying to make Maim a real thing in the future meta, they really like it, so dont sell the mods, it can be usefull in the near future.


Agree with most of those mods…

I’m with @phantom2 & @Gannicus with his point about disarm failing. Att on impair is nasty.

I have it on my Marlon & Rosie, he’s always impaired vs Mag shield teams. No sweat tho, I’ll take +97% att when he’s impaired on an auto attack…


fo me i always try to keep my impair bonus up so i can get that nasty bonus so instead of putting on impair resit i put stun or confuse resist. it can be a lifesaver but if you want your ar’s then keep that impair resist on but i would find a golden one and level it up but not to max. i should stay at lv10 so you still get more impair resist and dmg.

I like defense on stun. My Romanov is a green magnet, so eventually a stun attack will get by his stun resist. When it does get by, an additional 50%+ defense is super helpful.

I’ve used them as placeholders for the set bonus when I don’t have anything better. So there’s that I guess.

Bleed and burn mods are also great against tanky defense teams, especially if you have lacerate. I can guarantee at least 500 bleed and 225 burn damage every turn.

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Def on stun also essential for those indomitable stun magnets Hunter and Ty

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It’s like a penis, it’s useless if you can’t use it mate

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RNG on combat mods :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Graze has to be better than impair damage though, especially on toons like Romonov who has lower health.

Graze have minor chance to proc

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I sell alll my bronze mods… and keep everything else…

The same has been said about trading 3 6stars for one 6 star or the same with 5stars which wouldnt work.
Most mods have there use bleed burn refect are now used by most top players def teams.
Ones like main and heal resistance may not seen good now but in future I’d say they will be.
I use mods like this for now to get the set bonus for some 5 star toons that I’ve started to use again boost there defence or health.

I wish that we would stop getting the same mods over and over again I’ve got dupes of so many useless mods it isn’t funny they need to do something about this I’ve got so many critical mods it isn’t funny and they are practically useless as
Well as The maim mod as well why not make the mods that we want and need easier to get

Because then people will spend less on them if they already have the ones they want or need Always gotta remember the bottom line :wink:

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Yes but giving us the same mod over and over again only hurts the majority of the players just like toon dupes mod dupes are rediculiois

But unless it’s more profitable they have no reason to change.

Oh yeah, maim resist is really useless…til your defense team gets smoked by 15th anniversary Rick with 980 maim damage plus 325 bleed for 3 turns. Oh oh, and attack when impair is terrible! Unless you don’t like being able to kill blues with impair when attacked. Yet another person who doesn’t understand the fundamentals of mods, toon team comps, and the current meta.