Worst War Matchups

Really Scopely? We got bugged for hours and cant war now we’re stucked and keep getting the number 1 faction in matchups. How are we suppose to catchup?



Youre just unlucky, maybe there are only a couple of others searching because of timezones.

Dude other factions still scoring, and they are lower ones. We are stronger than them, and yet we keep getting the number 1 faction.

Im pretty sure you will mostly be matches with factions close to your stregth if available. I dont think there is someone at scopely matching factions by hand and want to piss you off.

Decatur region is the same. We are 49 and constantly face top 15

Maybe your other factions can’t login?

We’re having a hard time again ranked 90 odd now only 2 wars with peeps anywhere near are level rest all top 15, I know they are way more active but it’s demotivated my peeps understandably :frowning:

Not by hand, but it is programmed that way, read about games programming If u don’t believe me

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