Worst War ive ever been a part of

Anyone else remember when this game was fun and before it became primarily pay to play? This war has been one of the worst events i have ever been a participant in. A free to play player doesnt stand a chance against a pay to play. So many revives and shields on one team its stupid. Good luck to anyone just starting out, you dont stand a chance.


You can thank the forums beggars for this.


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Disagree. F2P needed a shield and revive. scopley released most of them for the spenders.

It could all be fixed if scopley limited teams to one each shield and revive. If a toon does both, they count as your 2.

Also remove the ability to have dupe toons.


Yep, get rid of CRW. Or let the spenders opt in so they can have LINE bragging rights because no one else cares.

So you want the game catered to what benefits you specifically? And limiting dupes and characters per team is a horrible idea :man_facepalming:


It’s not. It would bring some strategy to the game.

No it wouldn’t, real strategy is figuring out how to take down those teams, not getting rid of them outright.


Yes because forcing them upon lower people is strategy.

It always was. And arguably crappier during one turn teams


No, and I keep asking myself why I continue to play and even worse spending on it. I need help. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Never struggled against most team’s FTP even in the 1 turn teams and I started a third account a few months back which is level 100 now and able to hit 90% of sheild revive teams all about strategy!

Worst thing about this war is rewards anyone outside top 6 doesn’t complete the stash even hitting 200k for extra 8 tokens that sux

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Why the Fehlerfrei attitude? Not all the F2P can afford the ~$1,000/month he/she/it spends. :man_shrugging:

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Ironic thing about your name P2Pkillingthegame p2p people are actually keeping the game f2p think the game would be around if p2p didnt spend?

It’s pretty terrible this game is so bad right now


Every war it’s the same thread over and over.


I have spent ÂŁ0 on this game in three years now after scopely took 3 months to give me back my P2P account and my FTP account had surpassed it in quality.

I could spend but I was one of the first to say they can have some money when they start having a player’s first attitude rather than feeling like they the dodgy antique dealer trying to peek in your wallet and see how much u have before they tell us the prices!

While you’re right, it’s the matchmaking that is the problem. Factions like mine that has only a couple players with multiple shield/revive teams are up against factions where every member has those teams.

So yeah getting 500 points per war isn’t fun. In the 5star days even with just 1 premier toon, I could beat most teams. Now with no paid premiers, bit a few obtained from events, I’m struggling more and more.


This game has lost much of it’s appeal. Yet here we are. The game has always had it’s unbeatable teams and people who could get around it. It’s always been a battle for survival, always been the point of the game. I feel the game isnt as stagnant as our expectations are. Every event, every war, every new character release is always a disappointment because we wont face the truth. We want the excitement again like when we beat our first hard team or kicked butt in the one war we all talk about still. The game isnt the same one as when we started and we miss that feeling.


Too bad they can’t go back and undo mods. That was the death of the f2p game play. Skilled ones before could use active skills, especially stun, to beat most P2P teams. Now, the resist mods are out of control. And if you take that chance and you use the active and it gets resisted you might as well flee.


Worst war… u must have never played aow?