Worst Raid Event Ever

Every single lead is either Carl or Miraboobs. I’m only seeing outrageous bots. By that I mean I am not seeing actual people from my region to fight. I’m loosing to teams I should easily beat with my S5++ team it’s absolutely a waist of time… With regions dying this is a huge misstep. The player base is not happy or playing. No one asked for that last bit of NRG when fighting, which makes it even harder even with a good team. No one asked for almost unbeatable teams in raid. It feels like we suggest things and the team goes and does the exact opposite. The whole fun of raiding is picking who you attack within your region. Epic fail scopes. I’m sure this was a huge money loss for ya’ll. I don’t know anyone buying cans.


I to noticed that the rating seems a little different lots of pots this time funny thing is the ones I have lost have been against bots It’s usually the other way around for me


No Erika leads?
Dunno if they were bots or not but I just lost my first raid for the event.
And I have no premium toons.


Nope… I am only seeing Carl or Miraboobs leads, and I have only seen one or two actual people from my region. Typically I win about 5 out of six raids. I’m winning one out of six and it’s almost always the same team set up regardless of the bots name.

From now on all the raid tournament’s gonna become harder and harder. Wich is good since a weak team will not be able to win the tournament even if he busts a lot of can’s

That is because we dont need to use Drop leaders anymore

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My game keeps crashing every other raid…wanted 4200 for he benedicts, can’t even do that smh

Raids are a bit slower. Otherwise i don’t really see much difference.

Stop complaining about not being able to beat the bots. They made the milestones to get the eggs low so you don’t even have to use a tin.

Give them some credit and build a better team you baby.


For some reason people still confuse this, but the bots are all COPIES of peoples teams. It’s not just a team that Scopely made up. If things are too hard for you, maybe go on global and ask everyone to put up easier teams.

And as for why…we’re in a raid tournament where people are…raiding. So actual people will be raided very quickly so you’re less likely to see an actual person since they’re either actively raiding or under a shield. And as for why you’re seeing harder teams, it’s because of the change where you can put up a faction supporter now, so people are free to put up whatever teams they want for defense, in this case their war defense.

So really, this happened because we asked for it. Feel free to petition Scopely to go back to the old way where the main defense is the faction support.


Last raid event I went pretty hard. Had built a “better” team. Sure some losses but for the most part it felt competitive and worth it. My team dealt with most bot and player teams pretty well. This time around, not so much. I literally refreshed through 100k worth of food just to see and almost every bot leader was Carl and Erika leads, with one Rosa tossed in there. When I would jump in, the teams would almost always have that Order and Chaos character, double Shivas, well you get the idea. Needless to say, getting hammered pretty hard.

Now before someone responds with an accusation that I am whining or whatnot, let’s look at the purpose of bots.

It is my understanding that the function of them is to allow raiding during tournaments that would quickly run out of players to raid. Oh and to encourage the using of cans and spending. The first part is working well. I see 8 bots for every real person. The second is failing miserably. With such over powered bots I have not used a single can and don’t intend to. It is a waste of time and cans when the bots are ranked lower than me and I lose 24 rep every time. They seem to be acting more like a wall than anything else.

We are told that they are copies of real players teams. If this is the case then why are almost all of them the same over powered super teams? Shouldn’t their be copies of just about every player that raids? Do they just copy the top 10 ranked players and then expect everyone to be able to magically beat them because they have a misleading rep rank? Some members of my faction have not been able to win a single raid, further disheartening players and pushing them out of the game.

Raid tournaments should be an opportunity to see a diverse range of opponents, but has turned into a groundhogs day of copy pasted premium based opponents that discourages my participation.


If players are having difficulty raiding more difficult teams then how about they drop reputation. Amount of reputation correlates to choices of people you can choose to raid.

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I have tried that. The problem is the bots are always more powerful than what their rep indicates.


Uh. You would have to use at least one can to meet the milestones. Even if you stayed up all night. Today’s raid event maybe not. But only if you didn’t participate in the one that just ended.

I think this is a general complaint about the game and not just raiding.

A massive over haul is needed to breath new life into this game. Raids and wars need retooling to allow players of all levels to compete.

It appears update 10 will bring new story and map progression as well as other things to do for the old salty players who currently run on auto pilot.

oh NO!!! I have to use an extra tin or two that I receive for free when I log in everyday! (randomly of course)

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I think since everyone has t3 level 80 toons, matching is putting high level spenders with big weapons and premieres against newer f2p with base weapons.

I could be wrong though.

I just skip the Carls if I don’t feel like being patient. Mira raids are usually fast, win or lose. Carl’s take days.

Also, I have no problems with this event. I got to the last milestone in a few hours.

@Bellaboo, have you asked for team help on the forums, in faction chat, or in one of the major Line rooms?

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Lol. Bots are actual people’s teams who are either shielded or are ghosting. Good lord people.


Fantastic and well thought out response! Thank you for enlightening the level of dialogue.

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Stop crying about bot teams, they’re copies of actual players’ teams. If you want the bots to be easier, tell others to lower their teams, maybe one will listen. Also team grade means nothing. I’m S4++ and I can easily beat an S5++ with all team members alive with no revive or healer.