Worst pull ever, this is horrid. Just awful


This is probably the only pull I’ll get from this event, lol. Thanks Scopely!


I got the same thing too and so did others like @DomoOrigato . Get used to it, this is scopely remember?


I’m sorry man. You’ll get 1 more pull before the end of the event for sure! There’s still login tokens to collect, part 2 of the cake… league thing… And probably a war too. Got my fingers crossed for ya


Got the same thing. Don’t have him but I still feel salty.


Good pull if you don’t have him.


I have him lol, I never use him, why do I need another? I had this same awful luck with lucky tokens, my only pull there was yellow barker, which I’ll never ascend nor use


A factionmate of mine pulled two, so yeah…


I was replying to the person who said he didn’t have him. Yea two of him is useless. Sorry man.


I didn’t mean to reply directly to someone, sorry :yum:


Ouch. Insta app delete for me.


This honestly demotivates me to even play lol


Its the Ezekiel wheel. He was my first pull too.


It’s the Zeke Wheel fo sho, I’ve seen so many Zekes pulled


I see hardly any Zeke’s pulled lol, it’s mostly things like red Andrea and stuff


Awesome Zeke is super Awesome! Welcome to the club!


Zeka was my first, Erika was my second. I’m more than good with that so far.


Same here got zeke 6* tho only good part of it it’s my second one as well


Got him never got him so I’m fine


I think half of my faction has pulled him lol


I pulled red Gov and I’m salty lmao