Worst levelup rewards ever?

Can anyone remember worse levelup rewards I mean 1500 5* tokens and 30 leg tokens for 4th is a joke.

We had similar in 5* era but 5* token’s were far more valuable then

Anyone disagree are u excited about rewards?


The cheapness continues…


Well considering it’s a fac event and I only need 1k for another pull, I’ll take that extra fodder.

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Yeah but the milestones are good. Guaranteed gear from store

I agree. They’ve hit a new low. Worst than the time they gave away 1 jesus sword

It’s always some weird mix now.I don’t know anymore.

Certainly going to be a dull weekend. Hopefully we can run FA soon to ease the bordem :unamused:

It’s the worst rewards…until the next one.

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I don’t know what they can’t give out winter tokens outside of war… I really really want another Harlan.

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