Worst day for war


This weekend we have a war… Now I love the war events in this game however November 11 or saturday (a day war is scheduled for) is 11/11 or remembrance day(in Canada we have a day where we honour the soldiers that died) this is the day when world wars 1 ended… Seems like a bad idea to have a war event on that day


Bad idea to have a war on a war event?

This app isn’t only for Canadians. Every country participates with War. And no one is forcing you to war.


I’m a student so when I have classes on Monday and Wednesdays, it inconveniences me so the game should shut down on those days too. If I can’t/won’t play on those days, why should others?


I never said it was just for canadians however this is the world war we’re talking about many of the central powers of the world were involved and 37 million people died im not complaining as I love the event but I think that scopley might not want to have a war event on a day that people are honouring people who died in WWI and WWII


Did you not see the American post about thanksgiving, don’t know why you are comparing war in a game to a world war, a lot of people died in world war 1 bit they weren’t all Australian and when you have this holiday does every1 stay off their phones. I said this in the American post, it’s a game and if it’s causing that much problems maybe it’s time to stop, there is 195 other countries in the world, if scopely start honouring every holiday they might aswell close the game.


I understand that the game is on a global level however this day is to honour the day that WWI ended Im not complaining about the war in the game however I was just thinking that some people might take offence to the wars time and i thought I would share the day that we have in canada (remembrance day) as I believe that it could be seen as disrespectful by some to have a war event on this specific day and just wanted to spread awareness of the day. I still am going to enjoy the war as much as I do other wars I just felt that it could be seen as ill timed with the date and that scopley might want to be more careful with the days these events are placed on in the future not saying that they should reschedule the event that are currently planned


If it’s something that happened like just recently, sure. But WW1 was ages ago, if anyone is taking offense over a similar topic that isn’t even remotely themed “WW1”, that’s their problem.


A game is designed to take you away from real life no matter the content matter. I personally think they should be separate and you have the choice to participate or not. You can participate and still respect remembrance day.

Full respect to all who served.

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.


11 November is commemorated annually in many countries under various names such as Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Veterans Day, and in Poland it is Independence Day.


if you go for that then Second Sunday in November
fathers day:

Nov 12, 2017
Estonia (Isadepäev)
Finland (Isänpäivä)


but even i, who really disslike $copely doings wont mind what weekend they but events… somewhere in world is allways some holiday etc… cant skip all those or we would be out of events totaly


troll or just dumb?


Holy shit. I got classes Monday and Wednesdays too. Haha. I wouldn’t want them to shut events down because of that though. :joy:


I agree its in bad taste it is rememberance day in the uk we have a minutes silence on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month . Now although i say its in bad taste i also think that scopely didnt intend it to be that way because after all this is just a game and we can choose to stop playing for a moment to pay our respects for the brave men and women that give their lives so that we can have our freedom


No wars on 9/11 either. That would be tasteless and uncivilized.

No wars on easter either. Jesus would not like that.


But Samurai Jesus would…