Worst customer support I have ever experienced in 10 years of gaming


I was unable to link my devices via Facebook (no idea why I tried everything). So for the last week it has been in the hands of scopley. Initially they took my account off my phone and switched it with the low lvl account on my tablet and I have been stuck like this for 4 days now. I have sent my account info with screenshots of purchase receipts to scopley on 4 separate occasions now. The first time they informed me that I cannot have one account on multiple devices. The second, third and fourth time I sent them the info I also complained in a follow up paragraph about various events and just my overall disappointment in the game. They would reply to the first sentence in my paragraph with their automated message and COMPLETELY ignored the other information. This is proof that your employees don’t read any player feed back, I am appalled I have never seen such incompetence. So after 4 days I still cannot play the game on my main device. It’s a shame because I was really enjoying the game before the Dwight event. Was about to start up my stream and promote the game but now I’ve realized how greedy scopley is, I could write a book about how terribly you treat your customers top to bottom. FTP players all the way up to people who spend thousands you fill them with disappointment. Your offers are disgusting, your “special events” require money to be spent it’s disgusting. The turkey event! Happy black Friday here’s a Benedict and a trainer! SLAP IN THE FACE! don’t expect money from me anytime soon, I’ve only played this game 5 months and I’m sick of it. I’ll play till Xmas since the gameplay is really enjoyable. But if I don’t see a significant change I’m going back to Vainglory, they actually take care of their players. Scopley punishes FTP players with terrible events and rewards. I have never seen a game with so much disregard for the people that pay their bills. Rant over,… Please please please change, you have a great game here,… Greed is ruining it



I send all the required info, followed it up with some advice and THEY COMPLETLEY IGNORED THE REQUEST giving an automated reply to my advice, blatantly not even paying attention to customer needs, this is disgusting I’ve spent $100’s on this game

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