Worst Ascendable Toon Ever!

Gator - hands down. One of the first - One of the worst. Anybody with Gator on any of their teams is begging to be laughed at.

Gator - utter trash - prove me wrong

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Blue Jessie


He’s a large drop leader.
blue shane is easily worse.


Give him a 8% weapon, run him alongside a couple of rampage priyas, pop his ar first and watch the fireworks

Yeah, he isn’t great but there certainly are uses for him, especially if you don’t have enough 15/35 weapons to make rampage click properly


This. 100%

I used to enjoy raiding with gator on my team just so people would wonder why the hell I was using him :rofl:


Blue Abe, green beta, “a new threat” negan, FA Tara, red Rick (the old winter edition one), red Eugene, Joshua, fast Morgan. To name a few more


No kidding, so far I haven’t seen anyone use the S-class who wore jackets and hats to go up from the 8th or 9th league season if I’m not mistaken, I never used it and I don’t see any way to take advantage of it or use it.

Gator is essential for walker farm teams and nightmare SR. His +75 crit for 3 turns and camo for 1 turn is great. You’re not using him right if you think he’s the worst one ever


He was trash as a 5*. Ascending him actually made him useful.

There are far worse ascendables than Gator.


I would say jeremiah

Yellow evasion negan is the worst ascendable ever. At least Jessie and Shane offer a heal. Jeremiah’s defense down cannot be understated as 70% on top of his outlast can really put any S Class out to pasture real quick


Negan was really good when 6* first dropped due to evasion+abs def potential. Idk what exactly caused him to fall off but I’m pretty sure it was stat inflation

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That was all he brought to the table was tankiness at the beginning as there were no real tools able to dish out big damage against him. He was the original kapoor


Honestly I wouldn’t use gater on an attack team but evidently no one remembers camo recently got buffed if gater gives camo to the entire team for 1 turn rampage will not trigger saving every teammate aside from the one focused on. But yea hes good for walker farming and item drops as well, thats what I use him for anyways.

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Ah, makes sense. Didn’t really pay attention in the beginning of the 6* phase. I was a barker kinda guy

Red Romanov
Christmas sweater Rick

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I honestly still use gator

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Eh, he had pretty good damage output when he came out. It’s just that red jesus, decap red sandy, and ryker happened.

Kind of ironic I have a video I’m working on where gator is in an attack team :see_no_evil:

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