Worst 3 year anniversary pull

So i’ve been saving to do multiple toons at once thinking i won’t get dupes this way. But after a long period of hard work, time and some money spent i get another kick from Scopely…

Have you seen worst pulls than this?


I have pulled 3 governors myself out of 4 pulls


2 5 star spencers, 6 star gov, 5 star zeke and 5 star kal so far. No I’d love that Andrea. But probably worst one is red gov as 5 star. You should be happy to not have gotten a 5 star zeke

Tbh I would love 4 Ezekes

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Why tho? Hes only useful if you have one right :thinking:

Useful in SR.

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4 guardian 2s with crit and absolute would be a total nightmare.

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Although not entirely certain they would all end up popping. So far from what I saw from a roadmap a few months back, Guardian 2 would work with 2 on a team

Wouldn’t work since the max shields per round is 2. :slight_smile:


I’ve been doing the same thing (saving up my pulls to do all at once) and this kills my morale. I’ve already told my faction that I’m hanging it up if something like this happens and I get multiple govs or Connors.

Right. But it doubles (almost guarantees :wink:) chances of at least getting 2 guardian shields up…sadly I’m the guy that got the 5* :unamused: zeke that I didn’t want two of :disappointed:.

6* Andrea (third one)
5* Spencer
6* Ezekiel
happy pulls for me

I got luck on my last one:
Richard (5*)
Spencer (5*)
Gov (5*)
Erika (5*)
Probably we will be able to do another pull till the end of the event.

Ezekiel is good to have an extra for boss raid (Faction assalt).

Ezekiel 5*
Jesus 6*
Jesus 5*

Now I have 220 tokens and loading…

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